Only Sydney band Hellions could completely flip the second most popular song of 2016 according to Triple J voters, and not only do it justice, but (dare I say) improve it.

The band headed into the Triple J studio on Friday for their much-anticipated ‘Like a Version’, starting off with an acoustic version of their own popular song from their Opera Oblivia album ‘Thresher’.

What came next was certainly their own version of Amy Shark’s ‘Adore’. In true Hellions style the band started off with the soft familiar intro we all know and love, before completely flipping it upside down; the tempo faster, the vocals more aggressive and the chords heavier.

Make sure to check out these guys on their Australian Opera Oblivia tour this Arpil & May. Tickets are available here.

Be sure to check it out for yourself down below.


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Article by: Sarah Taylor